Sports and Safety Must Keep Pace with Each Other

Article written by Golf Clubs Guide

Comparing today’s modern athletes to their counterparts from half a century ago, few would believe they held the same occupations. Not only is the modern athlete bigger, faster, and stronger, each tier leading up to professional sports is operating at a higher performance plane as well. While each generation will have its handful of physical outliers who stand out from the rest, the overall level of talent and physicality has been rising for years.

On one hand, this has made games better than ever, as people can perform at a level never seen before, making for ever-engaging and compelling entertainment. The downside to this evolution is the wear and impact on the bodies of these athletes, as they push themselves further and further, trying to get an advantage over their counterparts.

With this being the case, advances in player safety and protection need to not only keep pace with athletes, but stay ahead of the game as well, to avoid the most serious injuries that spur change once it’s too late. Balls are thrown harder, players hit harder, and injuries are harder to recover from when you factor in all the forces in play in today’s athletics.

This is why staying ahead of the game is so important. Things like modern playing surfaces mimic turf without the worry of damage leaving divots or holes that can sprain knees and ankles. The same goes for helmet technology, as concussions have become a hot-bed issue in every sport.

Athletics don’t exist in a vacuum. To keep enjoying sports, both as a participant and a viewer, we need to make sure safety and protection advances just as quickly, if not more so, than the games themselves.

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