Basic soccer cleat maintenance tips

2Written by Soccer Garage

One underestimated part of performance in any sport is wearing and using the right gear.  The right soccer gear can make all the difference to your game. Take for example soccer cleats, it can be really difficult to find the right pair. Once you do it’s important to take care of it and make it last as long as possible. You might not find another pair like that again. Here are some maintenance tips for soccer cleats:

The fit

As with any element of soccer apparel, the right fit can be the difference between playing and feeling like a well oiled machine. Make sure whatever pair of cleats you buy is the right size. The right sized shoes, will fit well and will ensure that the stress from playing is distributed across the entire surface of the shoe equally.


Even the right shoes, and the right fit will still need to be laced properly. There are various methods to tying laces depending on the emphasis required. The best way to set it up properly is to completely remove all laces and then tie it properly for the forefoot.


The next consideration is the playing surface. When performance statistics are mentioned for any pair of shoes, it is with a specific surface in mind. For example there are different cleats for artificial turf and similar surfaces. Not only will you not get the right feel from the wrong cleat for the surface but you also increase your chance of injury.


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