The difference between mens and womens soccer cleats

3Written by Soccer Garage

Most manufacturers now contain cleats for both men and women. They both have a lot in common, mostly the fact that they have cleats for traction on grassy surfaces and they tend to favor stability compared to the types of shoes. The differences then are on the sizing, biomechanics and the colors. This is true for most soccer women’s equipment.


In some cases women wear men’s cleats. In these situations they should ideally go down about a size and a half to accommodate the difference in size. However, men’s shows tend to be larger and wider. This width can be a problem for some so then women’s cleats are the best option. It is extremely important to get a shoe that fits properly.


Men tend to place more force on the forefoot and the lateral midfoot when they play and change directions rapidly. As a result mens shoes tend to have this additional support built in while it is not a risk for female players.


Both genders have shoes in multiple colors, designs and combinations of both. Womens cleats however also come in more feminine colors. The general colors that appear for both are the reds, oranges and blues. Men only colors tend to be green and brighter blues while women’s only colors are the pink, yellows and purples.


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