Tips for buying soccer cleats

Written by Soccer Garage BRAND There are various sorts of brands to choose from when selecting your cleats out. Some of the more popular brands are Adidas, Puma, Kappa, Kelme, Umbro, Nike and Diadora. There are sub brands like Adidas predator that define individual lines of shoes. MATERIAL When you pick a brand, then you […]

How to Return to the Pitch

By Soccer Garage Soccer is one of those games you can’t get out of your blood once it’s in there. This helps explain why it’s the most popular sport on the entire planet. Once you play, it’s almost impossible to not always be in love with dribbling that ball down the bitch. However, as you […]

USA Soccer Team Beats Holland 4-3

USA Soccer Team Beats Holland 4-3

Article Submitted by USA beat Holland 4-3 the other day. I was happy to see the USA win over an important team that has been so good in the past, but I couldn’t help but think that the Dutch team that lost against the USA is just a shadow of the team I loved […]

How to Correctly Dribble a Ball

How to Correctly Dribble a Ball

Written by: Sports Spot The main objective in basketball is the successfully put the ball in the hoop. However, the ball must first be taken to the other side before the player can even think of shooting. As per basketball rules, the ball can be taken to the other side of the court either by […]

Choosing the Right Soccer Ball

A soccer ball is quite crucial to any soccer match. Even though a ball would be provided if you are playing in a league or team, it would be worthwhile to get a soccer ball in order to practise with it. Sizing Most players above the age of 12 would be using the standard size […]

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet

If you are a regular tennis player, you might already have an idea on the sort of racquet that you would be requiring. If you are seeking to upgrade from your present racquet, you might either be looking for more control, power or even comfort. Head Size The head size has a direct effect on […]

Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

A proper golf club swinging is crucial to ensure a good game and to improve your score. Even the slightest of defects in a swing will result in the ball slicing or hooking. You will either hit the top of the ball or even miss it. With the proper tool and right mindset you will […]

How to Select a Baseball Glove

There are various types of baseball gloves. The choice of baseball gloves might depend on the position played or you might be seeking to opt for a gloves that would be covering all bases. Before going shopping for a baseball glove, the following suggestions might be considered. Even though you might be considering advertising on […]

How to Wear and Use Your Soccer Cleats

How to Wear and Use Your Soccer Cleats

Soccer is played by using your feet, which is why having the right soccer cleats is so crucial to the game. In fact, buying the right pair can maximize your performance on the field. While it’s important to know how to buy the right pair of soccer cleats, it’s also equally important to know how […]