Soccer jersey choices

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Soccer players often want to wear the most comfortable gear to ensure that they are able to move effortlessly through training and when competing. With many brands of soccer gear available in the market and most sold at high prices, soccer players will want to get the most from their gear. Here are some soccer jersey choices available in the market;

Buying full soccer uniforms – Soccer kits will include matching shorts and socks. Buying a full kit is useful when players are part of a team. You can also include soccer footwear from a well-known brand to complete the look.

Long and short sleeves – Most players wear short sleeve loose fitting soccer T-shirts, however long sleeved versions are also available. These are mostly used in colder conditions. This version is also a sensible buy for spectators who are supporting a team, as it will keep them warm.

Replica jerseys – Soccer replicas are produced so that fans can support their teams. These include replicas of vintage soccer jerseys and latest designs. Replicas jerseys can also be a great gift for a soccer fan.

Women’s soccer jerseys – When choosing soccer jersey’s for women, it is best to choose those that are created for female players as they tend to fit and feel a lot better. Women’s soccer jerseys are also created in female sizes and therefore give enough room for a female player to play comfortably.

If you are buying your very first soccer jersey/ kit, it is best to visit a physical store and try it on for size. After you have physically assessed the size and fabric, you can always re-order the same brand online.


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The Origins of Boxing

By Phin Upham

Boxing is a sport that has been romanticized multiple times in films and television shows. It’s given us greats like Rocky Marciano and Evander Holyfield. It started trends, like the way Mohammed Ali talked, and it inspires rivalries that excite us. It’s a dramatic sport with ancient roots.

The sport can actually trace its roots back to Africa in 6,000 BC. The area that is now Ethiopia, and it spread into what is Egypt today. It spread into ancient Sumeria, where wrestling was the dominant form of physical combat for sport. It’s likely this tradition grew out of military exercises. It probably served two purposes, as training first and foremost, and as entertainment. In the beginning, gloves went all the way up to the elbow.

There are cave paintings that go back some 17,000 years that depict humans wrestling with one another as crowds cheered them on. Probably closer to the Greco-Roman concept than the WWE, this physical form of combat probably formed the basis for boxing. Boxing has similar forms, similar ideas and a definitive ending.

The Greeks engaged in the sport as well, but the Romans perfected it. The sport went from bare knuckle to leather thongs wrapped around the hands, then hard leather, which became something like a weapon. The Romans held boxing matches that were fights to the death in most cases, but the sport was eventually abolished for its brutality.

The next time it would resurface was during the late 17th century in London, as the wearing of swords fell out of favor with the general populace.

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The difference between mens and womens soccer cleats

3Written by Soccer Garage

Most manufacturers now contain cleats for both men and women. They both have a lot in common, mostly the fact that they have cleats for traction on grassy surfaces and they tend to favor stability compared to the types of shoes. The differences then are on the sizing, biomechanics and the colors. This is true for most soccer women’s equipment.


In some cases women wear men’s cleats. In these situations they should ideally go down about a size and a half to accommodate the difference in size. However, men’s shows tend to be larger and wider. This width can be a problem for some so then women’s cleats are the best option. It is extremely important to get a shoe that fits properly.


Men tend to place more force on the forefoot and the lateral midfoot when they play and change directions rapidly. As a result mens shoes tend to have this additional support built in while it is not a risk for female players.


Both genders have shoes in multiple colors, designs and combinations of both. Womens cleats however also come in more feminine colors. The general colors that appear for both are the reds, oranges and blues. Men only colors tend to be green and brighter blues while women’s only colors are the pink, yellows and purples.


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Basic soccer cleat maintenance tips

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One underestimated part of performance in any sport is wearing and using the right gear.  The right soccer gear can make all the difference to your game. Take for example soccer cleats, it can be really difficult to find the right pair. Once you do it’s important to take care of it and make it last as long as possible. You might not find another pair like that again. Here are some maintenance tips for soccer cleats:

The fit

As with any element of soccer apparel, the right fit can be the difference between playing and feeling like a well oiled machine. Make sure whatever pair of cleats you buy is the right size. The right sized shoes, will fit well and will ensure that the stress from playing is distributed across the entire surface of the shoe equally.


Even the right shoes, and the right fit will still need to be laced properly. There are various methods to tying laces depending on the emphasis required. The best way to set it up properly is to completely remove all laces and then tie it properly for the forefoot.


The next consideration is the playing surface. When performance statistics are mentioned for any pair of shoes, it is with a specific surface in mind. For example there are different cleats for artificial turf and similar surfaces. Not only will you not get the right feel from the wrong cleat for the surface but you also increase your chance of injury.


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How to Save on Soccer Equipment

By Soccer Garage

With the new season quickly approaching, you’re probably thinking about everything that needs to get done before you take to the pitch for a championship season. Amongst other things on your list, you’ll most likely need to get the right equipment for the job. From the soccer warm up to the cleats, most men’s and womens soccer equipment is basically the same. One thing they also tend to have in common is their expensive price.

Fortunately, you can save on this a number of ways. First, it’s really easy to simply by used equipment. Most cities have local stores that sell used soccer equipment. However, if you’re having trouble finding your size, just go online. From Amazon to eBay, you’ll have a number of options for saving on the gear you need.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to go to a store and try on the shoe first before ordering online just to make sure you have the size right. This might not save you money, but it will save you time.

Another smart move is just to look for generic versions of the products you want. Google and Alibaba are your best friends here. It’s very simply to find replicate gear that looks and feels the same, but is far cheaper than the real thing.


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How Jackie Robinson Shattered Baseball’s Color Barrier

By Samuel Phineas Upham

Jackie Robinson has become a lot more than a baseball player. He became a symbol for something that was a product of post-World War II America, which was slowly accepting a lifestyle of desegregation and increased equality for African Americans. Harry Truman desegregated the military at that time, and when Robinson started for the Brooklyn Dodgers he became a symbol for these monumental changes.

One has to begin a discussion of Jackie Robinson with the understanding that baseball was an American darling during this period of time. Games were exciting, easy to get on any radio broadcast, tickets were affordable because the sport was young. Many records broken today were set in those days.

Robinson was the Dodger’s first baseman as of April 15, 1947. The Dodgers officially ended racial segregation when they recognized that Robinson was a great athlete and gave him field time accordingly. From that moment forward, Robinson had an incredible 10-year career in the MLB.

Robinson was the first black player to receive the MVP, and the first black athlete in pro sports to receive honors of any kind. AS of 2004, MLB considers April 14th Jackie Robinson Day, where every player playing on that day wears the uniform “42”, which was Robinson’s number. The number is otherwise “retired”, a move the MLB made in 1997.

Robinson went on to set more records throughout his life. He became the first African American sports analyst who appeared on television to offer his opinions on the game. Though he died October 24th, 1972, he was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal.

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Dress for the Game Right

By Soccer Garage

When it comes to sports, few people take their favorite pastime more seriously than soccer fans. Even those who are just weekend warriors play the game with intensity and passion. In most parts of the world, soccer is something to be treated with reverence at every level.

soccergarage1If you’re a soccer fan, this probably comes as no surprise. It might also mean that you like to play the game yourself as much as possible. In that case, a big part of your game play most likely involves suiting up with the best gear you can get your hands on.

While there are all kinds of soccer uniforms out there, the Adidas Predator is generally considered the right shoe for every foot.

Will wearing the right gear make you the best player on the planet? No, of course not. However, it will absolutely affect the way you play the game, which is why so many players go out of their way to invest in the best gear they can get their hands on. It’s the same thing all over the world.

So don’t let your game suffer because you didn’t take your uniform and shoes seriously enough. Play the best possible soccer by suiting up the best way possible every time.


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Tips for buying soccer cleats

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There are various sorts of brands to choose from when selecting your cleats out. Some of the more popular brands are Adidas, Puma, Kappa, Kelme, Umbro, Nike and Diadora. There are sub brands like Adidas predator that define individual lines of shoes.


When you pick a brand, then you need to pick a material. Material more often than not comprises of synthetic leather or a blend between both. Synthetics are typically lightweight, however they might not last as long. Leather is more durable but can take more time to break in.


The measuring of your cleats is critical; buy shoes that fit you perfectly.


When looking for cleats, the surface you play on might mean you need to buy studs. There are four options to choose from: soft ground, firm ground, turfs and indoors.


The feel for the cleats is truly an individual thing. A few individuals like to feel the ball 100% as though they had been not wearing any cleats at all. Try on cleats on before buying and see how it actually feels on your foot. Always try on shoes before you buy and wear socks. Adidas soccer shoes will very different from another brand.

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How to Return to the Pitch

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Soccer is one of those games you can’t get out of your blood once it’s in there. This helps explain why it’s the most popular sport on the entire planet. Once you play, it’s almost impossible to not always be in love with dribbling that ball down the bitch.

soccergarage3However, as you get older, it can become easier and easier to take time off. Life gets in the way, as it often does. Now, though, you may have a bit of free time. You may be looking to get into better shape. Before you get back on the pitch, though, consider the following.

First, you’ll want the gear. If you want to play like a winner, you need to look like one. Whether you just need a women’s soccer jersey or full on goalkeeping gear, your best bet is just to go online and find something affordable.

Now, get your cardio back into shape. If it’s been a while, it’s time to do some long distance running interspersed with sprints. This will best reproduce the type of challenges you’re going to face when running up and down the pitch.

After that, start dribbling again. Get the rhythm back. Fortunately, this should be the easiest part. It’s like riding a bike for most of us.


Whether you’re in the market for soccer shorts, shirts or just about anything else for the pitch, Soccer Garage has you covered. Even if your playing days are behind you and you just want to cheer, this website has you covered.

USA Soccer Team Beats Holland 4-3

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USA beat Holland 4-3 the other day. I was happy to see the USA win over an important team that has been so good in the past, but I couldn’t help but think that the Dutch team that lost against the USA is just a shadow of the team I loved in 1988 with Marco van Basten, Koeman, Gullit, and company.

I watched some of the game and felt that the 1988 Dutch team would have easily won against the US team and that there was just something missing from the quality of play from both teams.

Where were the superstars? Where was the skill? Where was the beauty? All I saw were 22 athletes kicking a ball. Where was the class that used to just ooze out of the pores of the world’s top players like Lineker, Gullit, Hans van Breukelen, and Klinsmann?

Who else thinks that international soccer hit it’s peak in terms of overall quality around 1988? I haven’t seen national teams who’s players and quality of play have captured my attention since the 1988 European Cup. The very next European Cup after ’88, when Denmark won, was the first time I ever heard fans lauding the “speed of play” over the “quality of play.” Even the FIFA World Cups have been rather flat since 1986. Has it all been downhill since then?