Soccer jersey choices

Written by Soccer Garage

Soccer players often want to wear the most comfortable gear to ensure that they are able to move effortlessly through training and when competing. With many brands of soccer gear available in the market and most sold at high prices, soccer players will want to get the most from their gear. Here are some soccer jersey choices available in the market;

Buying full soccer uniforms – Soccer kits will include matching shorts and socks. Buying a full kit is useful when players are part of a team. You can also include soccer footwear from a well-known brand to complete the look.

Long and short sleeves – Most players wear short sleeve loose fitting soccer T-shirts, however long sleeved versions are also available. These are mostly used in colder conditions. This version is also a sensible buy for spectators who are supporting a team, as it will keep them warm.

Replica jerseys – Soccer replicas are produced so that fans can support their teams. These include replicas of vintage soccer jerseys and latest designs. Replicas jerseys can also be a great gift for a soccer fan.

Women’s soccer jerseys – When choosing soccer jersey’s for women, it is best to choose those that are created for female players as they tend to fit and feel a lot better. Women’s soccer jerseys are also created in female sizes and therefore give enough room for a female player to play comfortably.

If you are buying your very first soccer jersey/ kit, it is best to visit a physical store and try it on for size. After you have physically assessed the size and fabric, you can always re-order the same brand online.


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