Why You Should Play Basketball

Baseball may be America’s favorite past time, but basketball is not far behind in popularity in the United States.  In fact, basketball is incredibly popular all over the world.  Nearly every country in Asia and Europe hits the court.

There are many reasons why you should play more of this awesome sport.  First of all, whether you’re sporting basketball team uniforms or simply playing with friends at the park, it’s a great way to exercise.  It’s not just boring movement, like mindlessly walking on the treadmill is.  Basketball is exciting and very fun!

Playing basketball gives you tremendous energy.  It is also incredibly stimulating for the mind.  The rules to the game are very simple and easy to understand.  It’s not a difficult game to master.  However, it is an incredibly active game and it can also get pretty competitive!

Another great reason to shoot some hoops is that the apparel involved has had a real make-over.  Basketball uniforms have changed significantly over the years.  Long gone are the days of shorts that sit well above the knee or don’t fit correctly.  There are many great styles of uniforms out there and customization options these days.

As if there weren’t enough reasons to play this great sport, basketball is also an inexpensive sport to play.  Basketball only requires a ball, a hoop, and maybe a small court or driveway.  There is one essential though, whether you’re playing for a professional team or in your back yard.  It’s an absolute must to wear supportive shoes that will help prevent you from getting injured.