Choosing the Right Soccer Ball

Article written by Football forever

A soccer ball is quite crucial to any soccer match. Even though a ball would be provided if you are playing in a league or team, it would be worthwhile to get a soccer ball in order to practise with it.


Most players above the age of 12 would be using the standard size 5 ball. Juniors would be needing the size four. However, you might want to check with the league first. Younger players would be requiring the size 3. Therefore, for most adult players, size 5 would be used.


The recommended inflation for a ball during a game would be between 9 to 10.5 pounds of air. A different amount could cause damages in the ball and affect the game.

Match or training ball?

Shops would be selling different types of balls. These might fall into the categories of premium match ball, regular match balls and training balls. The premium balls would be tested and made with particular consideration for international match standards. Some premium balls would have approvals from associations such as FIFA. These balls are often subject to tests regarding their weight, rebound, circumference, pressure and water absorption. All premium balls come in size 5 since they would be used by adult players.

Regular match balls are also great for games and for training. The materials used for these balls provide a blend of durability and responsiveness. Training balls, despite the differentiation from premium and regular match balls, are also of high quality and have even more durability than the other two types of balls. This is because these balls are made in order to resist hours of training and use. They are designed to perform well in different types of football fields.