How to Choose a Tennis Racquet

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If you are a regular tennis player, you might already have an idea on the sort of racquet that you would be requiring. If you are seeking to upgrade from your present racquet, you might either be looking for more control, power or even comfort.

Head Size

The head size has a direct effect on power. Generally, a large head will be providing more power than a smaller one. A large head also provides a larger hitting area as well as sweetspot providing more lenience on off-center hits. Head sizes range from 85 to 135 square inches. However, the most common ones found in shops would be between 95 and 110. Each head size would be offering a compromise between control and power. Accomplished players would thrive with a smaller racquet head which would help them gain more control. Beginners and intermediate players would need more power and large sweetspots.


Lengths of racquets normally range from 27 to 29 inches, which is also the legal limit for any tournament play. The standard racquets would be of 27 inches. A longer racquet would be providing more reach when it comes to groundstrokes. It also adds more leverage on serves and noticeably more power than the standard length racquets. Most players would be switching from the standard racquet length to one that is about half or 1 inch longer without much of a change. Most longer racquets would be built slightly lighter than the standard ones. A longer length also implies a more dynamic swingweight.